This is a column on online resources in Asian Studies compiled by Daniel C. Tsang, Economics, Political Science & Asian American Studies Bibliographer and Social Science Data Librarian at UCI.

  • Access Asia

Access Asia is a weekly presentation series at UC Irvine hosted by the Journal of Asian Studies. We provide a venue for all things Asia-related (and we try to keep some balance between the different regions of Asia), and generally have presentations from faculty members and graduate students (both local UCI folks and visitors from as close as Long Beach and as far away as Europe and Asia). We like to keep presentations short (between 20 and 30 minutes) and leave lots of time for discussion. Presentations are often about new research projects, draft articles/chapters/conference presentations, or fieldwork. Unfortunately we have no funding for these activities and everything we do is volunteeer. 

  • New European Portal to Digital Archival Resources

Asian digitized resources are among the gems of this European Union digital endeavor, Europeana: Think Culture.  Researchers can locate via format (video, images, audio and text) of perhaps obscure but historical events or cultural artifacts.  For example, I found clear footage (from a French archive) of the Japanese surrender in Hong Kong at the end of WWII.  There are also numerous images, texts or video clips on China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.


  • New IIAS Newsletter focuses on Pakistan

The Autumn 2008 edition (no. 49) of the IIAS (International Institute for Asian Studies) focuses on Pakistan, with seven articles on the country.  There are addition sections on Research, Portrait (featuring Singapore Indians and early Japanese photography) as well as book reviews.  The paper edition is distributed free to those who subscribe: Subscription info: The newsletter is freely available online as well.



  • New Online Journal of Asian Liberation

Jalan: Journal of Asian Liberation, is a progressive online journal that seeks to link Asian Americans and working people in Asia.  Written in English, its articles have covered anarchism, white supremacy, Asian and Latino workers and immigration rights, and the Korean nation.



  • UCI Asian Studies faculty publications profiled in Asian Studies subject guide

My colleague, Asian Studies librarian Ying Zhang, has compiled a comprehensive list of UCI Asian Studies faculty publications, many with links to the full-text version. The list is arranged by area studies: Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies, but covers faculty across disciplines.  The list appears in a section of her subject guide on Asian Studies ( For the first time, in one place, it is easier to locate Asian Studies faculty research



  • Asian media resources database

According to its creators, “Our mission is to promote understanding of Asian cultures and peoples and to assist educators at all levels, from elementary schools to colleges and universities, in finding resources for learning and teaching about Asia.”  Asian Educational Media Service is a program at the Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.  Its catalog includes Asian-made videos.



  • Encyclopedia of Modern Asia (UCI-licensed access)

As part of an e-reference book collection for which UCI has licensed access (in the Gale Virtual Reference Library collection), the Encyclopedia of Modern Asia, edited by David Levinson and Karen Christenson (Charles Scribner’s Sons, 2002), is now accessible online to UCI users.  All six volumes covering the typical topics in an encyclopedia (but focused on Asia) are now accessible to UCI faculty, students and staff and to those who use the campus libraries on site.



  • OpenDOAR

The Directory of Open Access Repositories (OpenDOAR) is a gateway to publicly accessible digital repositories around the world.  A subsection focuses on Asia.  Arranged by country from A (Afghanistan) to T (Turkey), the links provided are mostly to repositories based in academic institutions in the region.



  • Wiktionary: Asia

One Web 2.0 development that has taken off is the wiki phenomenon.  Wikipedia has now spawned many other wiki versions, including Wiktionary: a wiki-based open content dictionary.  It’s an area where scholarly input is sorely needed.  For a look at how various languages use the term Asia, see this:                                                                       



  • Asian Film and Media Studies Listserv

According to the site, “this listserv is intended to provide an open forum for the exchange of information, annoucements, queries, and ruminations relevant to the study of Asian cinemas in Southern California and beyond. The list is housed at the University of California Irvine, but anyone is welcome to join regardless of scholarly affiliation.”  The listserv is managed by UCI Prof. Jonathan Hall.  Postings include announcements of media showings in the Southern California region.





  • Immigrant Lives Topic of New UCI Libraries Exhibit

A new Fall 2008 Exhibit at Langson Library, on “Immigrant Lives in ‘the OC’ and Beyond”, opens 18 November 2008 at 5:30 p.m.,  with a talk by sociologist Frank D. Bean, who heads the UCI Center for Research on Immigration, Population and Public Policy.  A reception follows.  The exhibit itself will eventually be posted online.     Free pre-registration requested for the reception.                                                                               


  • Newly Cataloged Resources at UCI Libraries

You can easily keep track of the latest resources (in Asian Studies as well as other disciplines) that have been added to the UCI Libraries, with the option to add RSS feeds.


  • New Subject Guides

Subject and course guides in various Asian Studies topics have been compiled in a new format.


  • AsiaMedia: Media News Daily

From UCLA’s Asia Institute comes this daily that covers issues from across Asia.


  • Asia Pacific Arts

Another UCLA Asia Institute publication focuses on Asian and Asian American art.                             


  • ICAS 6 in Republic of Korea August 2009

The 6th International Convention of Asia Scholars conference will be hosted by the Chungnam National University (CNU), the Center for Asian Regional Studies (CARS) and Daejeon Metropolitan City and will be held in the Daejeon, Republic of Korea, 6-9 August 2009. The overarching theme is: Think Asia! More than 1,500 Asia Studies specialists are expected to come to Daejeon. This city is located in the heart of the Korean peninsula and successfully merges its long history of culture and tradition with leading research in science and technology.  One unique aspect of ICAS conferences is they are have recently been held only in Asia, thus enabling Asia-based scholars to more easily attend.


  • Women Warriors Theme of Latest ICAS Newsletter

The newsletter of the International Institute for Asian Studies is more a journal than a newsletter.  It comes out quarterly and is available online or free in print.  It includes research essays, a list of books received, book reviews, job announcements, as well as fellowship information.                                


  • Chinese Pamphlets

Digital reproductions of Chinese political communication and mass education materials (1947-1954) are searchable on the Center for Research Libraries’ web site.  254 items are displayed in full color.


  • Indie Filmmaker Quentin Lee’s Latest Film Now Online

Quentin Lee is a daring indie filmmaker whose works have transgressed many boundaries.  His most recent film, 0506HK, looks at Hong Kong from the perspective of someone who left the former British Colony for the west.  In it he relates how he feels about living in Los Angeles versus Hong Kong.  The entire 8-episode film is now posted for free viewing online.                                                                  


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